can a person choose to be happy

Can A Person Choose To Be Happy In Life?

Can a person choose to be happy in life? Is it even a choice? This is a question asked by many people, especially when times are tough.


While you may think the answer is straightforward, some people feel guilty for being happy. Some may simply feel like they aren’t able to be happy.


The concept of choosing happiness for yourself is surrounded by much confusion. Let’s unpack this!


Read on if you’ve ever asked the question, “Can I choose to be happy?


Can A Person Choose To Be Happy?


Can a person choose to be happy? Yes! Anyone can choose to lead a happy life, no matter their circumstances. While happiness cannot be instantly produced with the flick of a switch, you can find ways to be happy if you set your mind to it.


Happiness is an emotional state characterized by contentment and satisfaction.


When you do things that promote positivity in your life, you become happier. Authentic happiness is not reliant on your circumstances, but rather on having a positive attitude towards them.


Will Feeling Happy Be Permanent?


So, let’s say you choose happiness. Does this mean that you will never be unhappy again? No, unfortunately not.


You may feel unhappy again at some point in time. But your aim is not to control every facet of life. It is to learn how to feel happy, no matter what life throws at you!


can a person choose to be happy


Life’s ups and downs are frequently not under your control. There are bright days as well as dark days.


When you learn how to deal with life’s challenges in positive and constructive ways, you will tip the scales in favor of more happiness.


Choosing To Be Happy: 7 Top Tips


Happiness does not have to be some far-off goal, forever out of your reach. You can start living a happier life today if you choose to.


You are responsible for your own happiness, and that means that you need to set the wheel in motion yourself. To help you along, here are our 7 top tips for choosing and finding happiness.


1. Acknowledge Your Negative Feelings


Can a person choose to be happy, even while they are desperately unhappy? Only when they understand why they are unhappy. This may sound counterproductive, but the first step to getting past your negative feelings is acknowledging that you have them.


You can only fix a problem when you know what the problem is. Accept that, like all humans, you have negative feelings about certain issues. Once you have pinpointed what these feelings and issues are, you will be better equipped to work at resolving them.


This can be with the professional help of a therapist or counselor, or leader in your religious group. All that matters is that you accept the reality of your feelings, and make positive changes.


Negative feelings are not an obstacle to happiness. Your attitude and decision to become more positive will turn the tide.


Man at water


2. Banish Negative Thinking With Positive Affirmations


Can a person choose to be happy and still have negative thoughts? Yes, but there are ways to deal with them. It is not realistic to believe that you will never again have any negative thoughts.


However, you can handle them differently by counteracting them with positive thoughts and affirmations of self-love.


Almost any situation can be seen in a more positive light.


With regular use, these affirmations will become a new and healthy habit. You will find yourself less prone to negativity, and be happier as a result.


You don’t have to use the affirmations that others have prescribed. You may, of course, create your own. This is usually much more useful, as only you know what the negative thoughts are that you are trying to quell.


However, it can be easier to start with some tried-and-trusted general affirmations to get you started with positive thinking. You may not succeed in banishing negative thinking all the time, but with regular practice, you will get better at doing so.


3. Meditate Your Way To Happiness


Can a person choose to be happy without a measure of calm in their life? Yes, but it will be more difficult to achieve.


That is why we recommend finding the space and time to meditate. If you are a true beginner, start with a beginner’s course online. Many of them are free, and you can learn at your own pace.


We humans just love to make excuses, don’t we?




We all have busy lives, and it can be difficult to find free time for mindfulness activities like meditation or yoga. But, if you are committed to choosing happiness, you will prioritize these acts of self-care and find the time for some self-love.


Even a few minutes at the start or end of each day will make a big difference in your state of mind. A calm mind is a happier mind. So, to experience happiness in the present moment and let go of stress, anxiety, and negativity, find the time to meditate.


4. Give Out More Genuine Smiles


Can a person choose to be happy by acting happy? It depends on whether you are acting out of faith, or just pretending to please others.


Achieving happiness should be your goal for yourself. It is part of your journey of personal growth.


Pretending to be happy, and making it seem as if all is okay, will not help you achieve true happiness. Smiling because you know that it will help you to feel happy, however, can help.


The distinction can be made in your intention. Are you just going through the motions? Or, are you trying to lift your spirits?


Are you trying to instill positivity in yourself and others with that smile? Or, are you faking it to fool others into thinking you don’t need or want their help?


A genuine smile, even during troublesome times, will instantly lift your spirits. It will make you seem friendlier and more approachable, too.


5. Practice Gratitude


Can a person choose to be happy without gratitude? Not really, no. Cultivating gratitude is a big part of choosing to be happy.


Blank notebook


Why? Because when you count your blessings, even the small things, and express gratitude for them, you open the door to happiness.


The converse is also true. If you are not grateful for the blessings in your life, you will be an unhappy person. Gratitude is not always innate but is a choice that you make.


Spend time listing all the things you are grateful for, even if it is just for a few minutes at the end of the week. A gratitude journal can help.


You can choose to be grateful, and develop this emotional response. By doing so, you will also be choosing happiness for yourself. Many happy people started their path to joy with this simple act of practicing gratitude. So shift the focus off of what you lack, and onto the good things you already have.


6. Show Kindness To Others


Can a person choose to be happy by showing kindness to others? Yes! Showing kindness is a guaranteed way of choosing happiness for your life.


When you perform acts of kindness or speak kindness, you feel better about yourself. And the recipient of your kind gestures will, too.


Most people find kindness easy, as it is a part of our nature to be kind. It doesn’t come naturally to everyone though. Past experiences can deeply affect one’s ability to show kindness to others.


Are you unsure of what serves as an act of kindness? Basically, anything you do or say that improves the lives of others in some way is a kind act or gesture.


Help a friend up


A great way to implement acts of kindness into your routine is to get involved with a local charity or volunteer group. Other ways to be kind include helping someone carry their groceries, picking up litter, or even just lending a listening ear.


The next time you are feeling low, try showing kindness to others. It is a great way to improve your mood and make someone else’s day.


7. Treasure The Little Things


Can a person choose to be happy if they don’t have much material wealth? Yes! Some of the most impoverished societies have some of the happiest people.


Material possessions do not make you happy. It is the less financially quantifiable things that count, like having good friends.


Treasure the little things, and the not-so-little things, that you have in your life. If you live near a park, go for regular walks in nature.


If you live in the countryside, plant a vegetable patch and grow your own healthy and fresh produce. Perhaps you have a particular artistic or musical talent that you can further develop!


Learn to be happy with what you have. Treasure the little things that bring you joy, and do more of them. If you look closely enough, you are bound to find something that you enjoy about your life.


Find ways to build more activities around that, and you will boost your life satisfaction and be a happy person.


Final Thoughts


Can a person intentionally choose to be happy in life? Yes, they can. Even if you have spent your whole life thinking that you will never be a happy person, there is hope.


Those negative emotions are likely the result of conditioning due to past experiences.


Woman breathing deeply


You can change this pattern of thinking, and look forward to a whole new life experience. And remember this, you are not alone!


Achieving happiness is a dream shared by us all. But it doesn’t have to stay a dream. It can become your new reality. Start choosing happiness today and watch your happiness levels grow!


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