Seattle Chocolate: Local Indulgence, Global Impact

Seattle Chocolate: a local Seattle delight with a global heart. Enjoy unique flavors like San Juan Sea Salt and Pink Bubbly while supporting sustainability and girl empowerment, all in eco-friendly packaging.

Why We 🩵 This Product:

As a fellow Seattle-based company, our love for Seattle Chocolate runs deep for its delectable flavors and admirable ethos. Its truffles are not just sweets; they are a celebration of what we consider the best chocolate, showcasing local craftsmanship and global responsibility.

If you’re exploring Seattle Chocolate for the first time, we highly recommend starting with their 16 oz Assorted Truffle Gift Bag. It’s a splendid showcase of their exquisite flavors, from the deep, decadent Dark Chocolate to the vibrant Mexican Hot Chocolate, each piece a testament to imagination and quality.

Among these, our personal favorites stand out: the San Juan Sea Salt, with its remarkable blend of sweetness and saltiness that captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest, and the Pink Bubbly, a delightful dance of raspberries and popping candy. We’re excited for you to embark on this flavorful journey and share with us which truffle flavors you fall in love with!

Seattle Chocolate’s appeal extends far beyond its chocolate’s delightful flavors. It is a woman-owned, carbon-neutral company committed to sustainability and community support. We admire how it donates 10% of its net profits to Girls Inc. to uplift and empower girls.

Furthermore, its dedication to the environment is evident in every detail, such as its truffles’ fully compostable wrappers. Seattle Chocolate crafts exceptional chocolates and also contributes positively to our planet. Its efforts to blend delicious everyday indulgence with environmental consciousness truly capture the essence of a responsible, modern company you can proudly support.

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Seattle Chocolate 16 oz Assorted Truffle Gift Bag.pngSeattle Chocolate: Local Indulgence, Global Impact