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In a World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind

There’s a sign prominently displayed in our friend’s home that reads, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” It’s a saying that has always stuck with us and that we think about often.

Kindness is good for us. It makes us happier, more grateful, and more connected to the people around us. But sometimes, being kind can be challenging, especially when we’re feeling stressed or down. Ironically, it’s during these moments when it’s most important to be kind to ourselves and others.

This blog post will explore the power of kindness and how it can help you be happier!

What Does It Mean to Be Kind?

Being kind means having a caring and friendly attitude toward others. It is about being considerate and thoughtfully taking other people’s feelings into account. When we are kind, we act in ways that show we care about others and want to make their lives better.

Why Is Kindness Important?

infographic explaining "what happens when you're kind?"

There are many reasons why kindness is important.

For one, it helps create a more positive and supportive world for everyone. Showing kindness to others makes them feel good and, in turn, makes us feel good.

Kindness can also help us build stronger relationships with the people around us. By showing others that we care about them and are interested in their well-being, we create a deeper sense of connection and make our relationships more meaningful.

Moreover, kindness is important because it can improve our mental health and well-being. When we do kind deeds, our brain releases oxytocin, the “love hormone.” Oxytocin has been linked to decreased stress levels, increased happiness, and improved heart health.

How to Be a Kinder Person

Here are some tips on how to be a kinder person every day:

Pay Attention to the Way You Talk to Yourself

Are you constantly putting yourself down or comparing yourself to others? If so, focus on speaking kindly to yourself.

Remember that you are worthy and deserving of love, happiness, and good things happening!

When you are kinder to yourself, it’s easier to be kind to others.

Make an Effort to Connect With the People Around You

If you often feel lonely or isolated, try to reach out to the people in your life. Schedule regular coffee dates or phone calls with your friends and family. Join a club or group that meets up regularly. By making an effort to keep in touch with others, you’ll feel more connected and supported.

Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes

Before you judge someone, try to put yourself in their situation. Avoid criticism without understanding. Everyone has a story, and everyone is fighting their own battles. If you try to understand where someone is coming from, you’ll be more likely to act kindly toward them.

Perform Random Acts of Kindness

Throughout the week, perform random acts of kindness, i.e., kind deeds that are done spontaneously and without any expectation of repayment.

Your actions have the power to make someone’s day, so why not try to do something nice for someone today and every day?

Have the courage to be kind without knowing what the outcome will be but with the confidence that your actions will make a positive difference.

Ways to Show Kindness

Here are some ways to show kindness to others:

  • Compliment a stranger
  • Smile at someone
  • Buy a coffee for the person in line behind you
  • Send a thank-you note to your child’s teacher
  • Leave a positive comment on someone’s blog or social media post
  • Hold the door open for someone
  • Send a care package to a friend who is going through a tough time
  • Provide access to resources that help those in need, e.g., donate money to a local charity or time at a local shelter or soup kitchen 

Need more ideas? Check out our list of ways to be kind for some inspiration! You can also search on Google and Pinterest for even more ideas.

Do Happy: Daily Happier Habits App

Do Happy Daily Happier Habits app screens showing completion of an act of kindness

The Do Happy: Daily Happier Habits App was designed to help you become happier by focusing on being kind.

The app features a daily Do Happy task that is simple but can make a significant impact. The tasks direct you to be kind to yourself (self-care), to those you love (relationship maintenance), and to your local community (acts of kindness). There is also a list of bonus acts of kindness tasks you are encouraged to do at any time.

Other features of the app include a happiness journal where you can write about what you are grateful for and record acts of kindness that you perform. You can also track your progress and share your acts of kindness on social media.

The app is perfect for anyone who wants to be happier by being kind!

In a World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind

Being kind is a choice that you can make every day.

Choosing to live a life of kindness can make the world a happier and healthier place for yourself and others. So why not give it a try? Make it a goal to perform a good deed every day and see how it makes you feel!

inspirational message that says, "Make kindness a habit"

If you want to make kindness a habit, download the Do Happy App today!

Here’s to a happier, kinder world!

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