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Do Happy: Daily Happier Habits App

The Simple System to Become Happier Using Science-Backed Practices and the Power of Small Wins

4 Key Attributes of the Do Happy App:


Easy and convenient
practices that fit into
your busy lifestyle.


Your photos.
Your memories.
Always with you
wherever you go.


Focus on You.
Your important people.
Your community.


The power of small wins,
intrinsic motivation,
momentum, and
compounding - unleashed!


Do Happy Task of the Day

Default Weekly Schedule - Do Happy Happiness & Kindness App - a little dose of happy

Enjoy the satisfaction of completing tasks focused on what matters:

- Self-Care
- Relationship Maintenance
- Acts of Kindness

Develop a positive mindset and create happy memories that you'll cherish for years to come.

Complete a Task - Do Happy Happiness & Kindness App - a little dose of happy

Important People Organizer

Important People Organizer IPO- Do Happy Happiness & Kindness App - a little dose of happy

Stay organized and connected to all the important people in your life.

Strengthen your relationships by keeping track of important dates and details about each person.

Add Important People & Dates - Do Happy Happiness & Kindness App - a little dose of happy
Do Happy Reminder - Do Happy Happiness & Kindness App - a little dose of happy

Gain peace of mind knowing you'll never forget another special occasion again.

Do Happy Journal

Boost your happiness by recording and reminiscing about all the good things that happen every day.

Do Happy Journal - Do Happy Happiness & Kindness App - a little dose of happy

Accountability Calendar

Accountability Calendar - Do Happy Happiness & Kindness App - a little dose of happy

Stay accountable, feel proud of what you've accomplished each day, and be motivated to keep going!

Do Happy Analytics

Do Happy Analytics - Do Happy Happiness & Kindness App - a little dose of happy

Discover your happiness profile - what makes you truly happy - and do more of it!

happyStars & Happy Status

happyStars, Happy Status and Tracker - Do Happy Happiness & Kindness App - a little dose of happy

Track your progress over time and set new goals.

Other Features

Self-Care Challenge Tasks

Build happy, healthy habits over 3 to 6 months.

Daily* Inspirational Quote or Joke

Smile or laugh every day.
(*on days without reminders)

Easy Social Media Sharing

Share your happy moments with your loved ones.

Customizable Weekly Task Schedule

Make sure your task schedule works for you.


Feel reassured that only you can see your account. (*see FAQ for more info)

First Access

Access all new features as soon as they are developed! 



Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
What does it mean to “do happy”?

Happiness takes action. We call this doing happy. The Do Happy® app focuses on 3 pillars of happiness: self-care (taking care of your own body and mind), relationship maintenance (keeping in touch with your family and friends), and acts of kindness (spreading kindness in the world around you).


In other words, do happy for yourself (self-care), for your family and friends (relationship maintenance), and for your local community (acts of kindness). 

What are the Do Happy tasks?

Every day the app provides you with one Do Happy task to complete. This is your Do Happy Task of the Day. These tasks consist of self-care (SC), relationship maintenance (RM), and acts of kindness (AoK) tasks. 


After you have completed your task, add a description and at least one picture to the task card so that the app can help you keep track of what you have accomplished. You have until the end of the next day to document your task completion in the app.

How does the app inform me of my Do Happy Task of the Day?

Your Do Happy Task of the Day is located on your Home screen as the top task card. 


Make sure to enable push notifications so that the app sends you a push notification in the morning with your task and reminds you in the evening if you haven’t completed it yet. 

What is the default weekly task schedule?

The default weekly task schedule is as follows:

  • Sunday: Random Act of Kindness (AoK)
  • Monday: Self-Care (SC) Challenge
  • Tuesday: Random SC Task
  • Wednesday: SC Challenge
  • Thursday: Rotating Relationship Maintenance (RM) Task
  • Friday: SC Challenge
  • Saturday: Random RM Task

You can change the days of the week for each task type during setup and at any time, but please be aware that the app will not show you a new task card for any changes until the next day.

Please explain more about the different task types.

Random self-care (SC), relationship maintenance (RM), and act of kindness (AoK) tasks are randomly-generated by the app. 


The SC challenge task is a habit-building task that the app presents to you three days a week. You choose your SC challenge task during setup and can change it at any time, but the goal is to stick with the same task over 3-6 months so that it becomes a good habit. 


The rotating RM task helps you strengthen and maintain your relationships with 3-8 of your loved ones. During task setup, you are asked to add at least 3 people to your important people organizer and then select the 3-8 people you want to contact/call on a weekly rotating basis.  

What happens if I don’t complete a Do Happy Task?

Nothing 🙂 Don’t worry about not completing tasks: sometimes you don’t have time, sometimes the task isn’t one that you want or can do, and sometimes you just forget to document what you’ve done. Perfection is neither expected nor generally possible.  


Use the Do Happy® app for what it is: a system to help you do happy and stay accountable for your own happiness. Whether or not you complete your tasks, the app will dutifully continue to provide you with a Do Happy Task of the Day every day to encourage you to do happy 🙂 

Are there other tasks in addition to the Do Happy Task of the Day?

Yes! You can also complete "bonus" tasks in the app. 


  • Bonus acts of kindness (AoK) tasks cannot easily be done on short notice and require some additional planning. Click on the Bonus AoK card on the Home screen to review the various AoK tasks and then complete them at any time.

  • Do Happy Reminders encourage you to contact/call your important people on their special occasions. Take some time to add your loved ones and their important dates to your important people organizer so that the app can remind you when they occur.

  • The Do Happy Journal is a great way to do happy every day. Reflect on the elements of happiness, write about what made you happy, and add up to 5 pictures that best highlight your day. 

What are the important details to know when using the app?

  • Task completion consists of (1) writing a description and (2) adding at least one photo. The exception is that you do not need to add a photo if you are calling a loved one directly from the task card.

  • To receive credit for task completion, you must complete the card by the end of the next day. The exception is for self-care challenge tasks: since these are habit-building tasks, you must complete the card by the end of the same day

How do I earn happyStars?

Points in the Do Happy® app are called happyStars 🙂 Earn happyStars for completing tasks and journaling.


happyStars earned are roughly comparable to the amount of activation energy and effort it takes to complete the various task types: 

  • Self-care tasks: 10 happyStars

  • Relationship maintenance tasks, including Do Happy Reminders for important dates: 20 happyStars

  • Acts of Kindness tasks: 40 happyStars for random tasks that are completable within a day, 60 happyStars for bonus tasks that require planning

  • Journaling about at least 4 elements over the course of a day: 10 happyStars

How do I earn happy status?

Your happy status is based on your running total happyStars over 8 weeks:

  • Happy Novice: 300 happyStars
  • Happy Intermediate: 600 happyStars
  • Happy Advanced: 900 happyStars
  • Happy Expert: 1200 happyStars
  • Happy Master: 1500 happyStars


Yes, this means that you can lose your status if you stop doing happy. By making it a running total, we hope to motivate you to keep doing happy regularly and indefinitely!

How much does the Do Happy® app cost?

As an independent small business with our app in its first stage, we unfortunately have had to make the tough decision of making our app subscription-based only. All of the app's features were carefully considered and are interconnected to complement each other. We believe that in order to ensure that your experience with our app is a holistic one, all of the app's features should be accessible and not just some (like for freemium apps). 


We currently use a subscription-based model with a 1-month subscription of $4.99, a 6-month subscription of $24.99 and a 1-year subscription of $39.99, all with a 7-day free trial. Your subscription helps to pay for ongoing maintenance costs, continuous app improvement, and development of new features. It also ensures that the Do Happy® app is free from ads and other distractions that would take away from its purpose.   


Our dream is that one day the Do Happy® app will be fully sponsored by various philanthropic organizations and individuals so that it is accessible to everyone who wants to use it.

I’m concerned about privacy. What can you tell me?

We believe in the golden rule and will always treat you how we wish to be treated. Hence, your privacy is very important to us. 


Any information you provide to the Do Happy® app, including task descriptions and journal entries, photos, and details about your important people, belong to you and can only be visualized by you on your personal mobile device unless you decide to share something publicly.  


All of your data is automatically encrypted and kept secure. We do not and will never sell your data to any third party. 

What do you do with my phone number?

Your phone number is used for account creation and log-in purposes only. That way we can send you a one-time password (OTP) whenever you log into your account. This keeps your account secure, which is important to ensure that all information you share with the app, including task descriptions, journal entries, photos, and details about your important people is kept private, accessible only to you on your personal mobile device. 


Rest assured that your phone number is also kept private, and we will never share it with any third party. 

How can I contact you?

Email us at 🙂


Follow us on Pinterest and Instagram: @alittledoseofhappy and #alittledoseofhappy 


Let’s all do happy 🙂

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