About Us

about sunflower on a happy day

a little dose of happy is, at its core, a mission, a mindset, and a movement. 

We believe everyone has a right to happiness, so our mission is to spread happiness throughout the world.


Happiness starts with individuals developing a positive mindset to be resilient through adversity. We believe this mindset can be cultivated through little doses of happy.

We advise people to ask themselves the question, “What makes me happy today?” so that they become more cognitively aware of the positive in their daily lives.

Our acronym for a little dose of happy, ALDOHAPPY, serves two roles. First, the letters represent the nine elements in our formula for happiness and provide a structured format for thinking about happiness.


ALDOHAPPY (pronounced “all do happy”) is also our philosophy. We believe that people achieve and maintain happiness by actively doing happy. Our hope is that a little dose of happy becomes a movement of people doing happy for themselves, their family and friends, and their local communities. Let’s all do happy 🙂


a little dose of happy was created in 2018 when we were struggling to find happiness in our daily lives. It has evolved from an idea to a simple website to our current blog and Do Happy® App. We hope you will join the a little dose of happy community and hope that our app always brings you a little dose of happy.

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