a little dose of happy is, at its core, a mission, a mindset, and a movement. 

We believe everyone has a right to happiness, so our mission is to spread happiness worldwide.

Happiness starts with individuals developing a positive mindset to be resilient through adversity. We believe people can cultivate this mindset through little doses of happy.

We advise people to ask themselves the question, “What makes me happy today?” so that they become more cognitively aware of the positive in their daily lives. 

Our acronym for a little dose of happy, aldohappy, serves two roles. First, the letters represent the nine elements in our formula for happiness and provide a structured format for thinking about happiness.

aldohappy (pronounced “all do happy”) is also our philosophy. We believe that people achieve and maintain happiness by actively doing happy. We hope that a little dose of happy becomes a movement of people doing happy for themselves, their family and friends, and their local communities. Let’s all do happy 🙂

a little dose of happy was created in 2018 when we were struggling to find happiness in our daily lives. It has evolved from an idea to a simple website to our current blog and Do Happy® App. We hope you will join the a little dose of happy community and that our app always brings you a little dose of happy.

Our Commitment to Quality and Happiness

At a little dose of happy, we are dedicated to providing our readers with practical, helpful, and actionable information to support their happiness journeys. We carefully select topics we believe can help our readers improve their happiness and overall quality of life.

Our goal for each article is to provide readers with clear, actionable steps to add a little dose of happy into their daily lives and develop better habits. Our content is informed by the latest happiness research, which we enthusiastically read and incorporate into our articles.

Trusted Resources and Studies

We understand the importance of credible information. That’s why we only link to trusted resources and relevant studies within our articles. We carefully select our sources to provide our readers with reliable and evidence-based content.

Rigorous Editing Process

Our team follows a rigorous process to guarantee the quality of our content. Each article undergoes multiple rounds of editing, fact-checking, and proofreading before publication. We constantly review and update our content to maintain its relevance and accuracy.

Open to Feedback and New Resources

We value the input of our readers and the broader community. We are always open to feedback, suggestions, and constructive criticism that can help us improve our content and better serve our audience. Additionally, we actively seek out new resources, studies, and tools that can further support our readers.

If you come across any relevant information or resources that you believe could benefit our community, please don’t hesitate to share them with us at hello@aldohappy.com.


While we put great effort into providing valuable information, our content is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional advice. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please seek immediate assistance from a qualified healthcare provider or contact emergency services.

About the Founders

As physicians passionate about mental well-being, we created a little dose of happy to share knowledge and strategies for cultivating happiness. Drawing from our medical experience and personal journeys, we strongly believe in the crucial role of mental health in overall well-being.

In our blog, we write about the techniques and approaches that have personally worked for us, hoping they can also help others lead happier lives. We are not happiness experts but happiness enthusiasts, deeply committed to helping our readers discover valuable insights and practical tools from our personal experiences and the latest happiness research.

Manda Lai profile photo

Manda Lai finds happiness in gardening, photography, the beauty of sunrises and sunsets, and the tranquility of being near water. The serene blues of the water and sky inspired the calming color palette of a little dose of happy, reflecting Manda’s commitment to helping others find joy in everyday life.

Brett Mollard profile photo

Brett Mollard loves to hike, travel, and cook in his free time, always seeking new experiences and adventures. He also enjoys mentoring the next generation of compassionate healthcare professionals, motivated by a lifelong commitment to serving and uplifting those around him.