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5 Top Reasons That Kindness Counts In Daily Life

Is it true that kindness counts? Put differently, do your good deeds and kind words make a difference? In a world filled with strife, many ask this question. We’re happy to tell you the good news. Yes – kindness counts!


Do you want to find out why and how? We’ve compiled a list of the 5 top reasons why kindness counts. Read on!


Kindness Counts: 5 Top Reasons


1. Children Learn Random Acts Of Kindness Matter By Example


Kindness is one of those tough-to-teach concepts. Are you trying to teach your kids to share their toys with their siblings or treat their school friends better?


You might have introduced your kids to the Berenstain Bears books to help them learn about kindness. These are written by award-winning author combination, Jan Berenstain and Mike Berenstain.


The book Kindness Counts, featuring the adorable Berenstain Bears family, is sure to help your children wrap their minds around the importance of kindness!


As much as books are useful, however, teaching random acts of kindness can only really happen by example!


The best way to teach your kids traditional values is to walk the talk. When children see their parents showing kindness to others, they are likely to start showing unexpected kindness themselves.


Kindness counts


2. Random Acts Of Kindness Become Lifelong Habits


How are new habits formed? Habits are cemented through consistent repetition. If you choose kindness, again and again, it will become a habit. If you see positive results, you’ll also be more motivated to continue!


Kindness is contagious, and before long, a whole community can form a healthy and positive habit of showing kindness. This is how just one kind act can become many!


Have you been on the receiving end of kindness? Be thankful and spread the love by showing more kindness in return.


3. Kindness Adds To Your Life Satisfaction


Kindness matters! When you develop positive habits such as showing kindness to others, you start to feel better about yourself and feel more hopeful for the future. In this way, random acts of kindness will increase your life satisfaction and happiness.


These acts of kindness can increase the happiness of others too. Your kind words and gestures can be the reason that someone smiles today. Never underestimate the power of kindness for those who are going through difficult times.


4. Kindness Leads to Good Health


Studies have shown that people who are kind and compassionate tend to live longer than those who are not. One theory is that being kind helps to reduce stress, which in turn can lead to a host of health benefits.


Kindness also causes the release of oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone,” which is linked to feelings of happiness, love, and connection. Oxytocin helps to lower blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory effects.


Practicing kindness, therefore, is an easy and effective way to improve your health!


Woman volunteering


5. Everyone Benefits From Kindness


When you show kindness to someone, do you benefit from it? Or do they benefit from it? You’ll be pleased to know that kindness benefits BOTH parties! What’s not to love about that?


Have you ever wondered, “What is the meaning of kindness?”


Well, that’s up to interpretation – but it benefits everyone!


When you show kindness to others, you are not only brightening their day. You are also teaching them to be kind.


This is true even if you feel like they don’t deserve your kindness. They, in turn, may be inspired to pass this on to others.


Final Thoughts


Kindness counts, and it will make a big difference in the lives of those you choose to be kind to. Your kindness can also hugely benefit your own life!


Kindness is important for you as well as the broader community.


So, in a world where you can be anything that you want to be, choose to be kind.