how to make someone happy when they are sad

How to Make Someone Happy When They Are Sad (Top Ideas)

Has your friend, colleague, or relative been feeling down lately? If so, you might be wondering how to make someone happy when they are sad.

This article will look at the best ways you can help a sad person. We’ll cover when you should step in and important things to remember when you’re trying to help out.

When Should You Step in to Help a Sad Person?

Take baby steps when looking for how to make someone happy when they are sad. It’s essential first to check if they want your help.

To be a good source of support, you might want to read up on how to keep in touch with friends. Now and again, reach out to your friend to see how they’re doing.

Let them know you’re there if they need support. If they’re struggling to do work or complete basic tasks, it’s probably time to reach out and see how you can help.

What to Keep In Mind When Someone Is Sad

If you want to make someone happy when they are sad, here are some things to keep in mind:

how to make someone happy when they are sad

They Might Need Space

When someone is sad, it can be tempting to step in and try to fix things. Even if you’re the first person they call, your unsolicited advice often isn’t what they need.

Sad people don’t need you to micromanage their life. Sometimes, they need space. The person’s feelings might not make sense to them, and they’re likely to be feeling overwhelmed. You might want to push them to talk about their situation, but that’s not necessarily what they need. Allow them to process how they’re feeling.

If they want to talk things through, trust that they will. It’s important to let the person set the pace for difficult conversations, even though you might want to pressure them into opening up.

Focus on creating a safe space. The person should know you’re there for them if they want support. They don’t need to speak about anything if they’re not ready, and it’s not your responsibility to make them.

Give Them the Help They Need

When trying to make someone happy when they are sad, consider what they need, not what you think they need.

Listen carefully when they explain what they’re struggling with and what kind of support they would appreciate.

If they struggle with their mental health, it might be good to talk with them when they aren’t feeling sad. That way, you’ll know how to help when they feel down.

Consider developing a checklist of things you can do to support the person. This way, you can keep track of good ideas to help your friend when they need it. Do they appreciate you cooking for them, taking them for a walk, or just sitting with them?

Write a checklist to help a sad friend

There’s a lot that you can do to make someone happy. However, there are times when more serious intervention is necessary, such as if they’ve experienced extreme sadness for a few weeks already.

While sadness is normal, it’s not healthy when it takes over our lives. If your friend or relative battles with being sad a lot, you may want to suggest that they seek professional medical advice. A mental health professional can help them work through their sadness in a safe and confidential environment.

There’s a difference between cheering up a sad person and helping someone with depression.

Make sure your friend knows you’re there for them, even during a rough patch. Your smiling face can bring them comfort and hope. That kind of unconditional support can sometimes be just what they need.

Let Them Know It’s Okay to Be Sad

Sometimes, you need to feel sad. Maybe your friend has gone through something terrible recently or is having difficulty with their mental health.

It's ok to be sad

There are lots of reasons that someone could feel sad. Sadness is a normal and healthy part of the emotional spectrum.

When supporting a sad friend, it’s important to accept them when they’re down. They need to know that you care about them even when they’re not at their best.

Avoid making them feel broken or like they need to be fixed. Their sadness isn’t a puzzle to be solved – it’s something they need to process and work through.

Just focus on spending time with them. Be a good listener, give them time to open up, and don’t rush them.

You can encourage them to talk, but don’t push them too hard. Give the sad person time and space, but make sure they know you’re there to support them.

How to Make Someone Happy When They Are Sad

So, how can you make someone happy when they’re sad? We’ve covered when you should step in to help a sad friend. We’ve also gone over some important things to keep in mind before you try to help them.

Remember, different people need different kinds of support. Some may be interested in learning about happiness chemicals and how to hack them, and some may need some good, home-cooked meals.

Let’s go over our top ideas you can use to brighten someone’s day.

Help With the Basics

Sometimes, all a friend might need is some help with the basics. When you’re feeling down, things like cooking, cleaning, and getting groceries can seem impossible.

Help your sad friends with the basics

One idea is to go grocery shopping with your sad colleague or friend. This way, they don’t have to do it alone, making it much more manageable.

Another task that can make a huge difference for a sad friend is cooking for them. Unhappy people often need help to make a healthy meal. Consider making them their favorite dish for lunch or a few meals they can easily heat up.

Another idea is to help them clean their house. When you’re sad, finding the motivation to keep everything tidy can be challenging.

You can step in and do the dishes or put in a load of laundry. Doing this can make someone happy when they are sad because their space won’t be as messy.

A messy space can have a substantial negative impact on how you are feeling. A clean and tidy space encourages happiness and good habits.

As we mentioned earlier, asking how the person wants to be supported is important. If they don’t want you to clean their house, find another way to help them.

Learn Their Love Language

One idea for how to make someone happy when they are sad is to make them feel loved. When it comes to comforting someone, it’s important to understand their love language. Learn what kind of things make them feel the most loved.

Learn their love language

The different love languages are quality time, physical touch, acts of service, gift-giving, and words of affirmation.

Your instinct in life might be to show love through giving thinking of you gifts. There’s nothing wrong with this at all! However, if your friend appreciates acts of service, you should focus on this.

Help them with the basics instead of giving them some flowers. Try to do whatever you can to produce happy feelings in them.

You need to make sure that you’re showing them love in the way that makes them feel the most loved. When you do, this reminds them that you care about them! Your support can make their life feel better.

Establish a Community of Care

Having a community of care is one of the best ways you can help make someone feel happy. Get some friends together and show your support collectively. Being with good friends promotes bonding, understanding, and support.

If you’re helping a colleague, get the team to chip in for something that will make them smile! A thoughtful gift or group activity can go a long way.

Another good idea is to use one of the best apps for happiness. These apps are designed to help you find small moments of joy each day and keep track of them.

Establish a community of care

When you’re sad, it can be all-consuming. Sometimes it can feel as though you won’t be happy again. It’s important to record happy moments and small wins to counter these feelings of hopelessness.

Recording happy moments can be a community activity! You and your friend (or group of friends) can all download the same app and help keep each other accountable. Have you heard of an accountability calendar? Use it to track your progress and celebrate everyone’s successes, both big and small. Something like this can help your friend, colleague, or relative develop a more positive attitude.

Step Outside

Getting some fresh air can do wonders for someone’s mental health. Not only will this help your friend leave their house, but nature is very soothing. It can have a therapeutic effect.

Combine getting out into nature with some exercise, like going for a walk. Exercise has been proven beneficial for people’s mental and physical health.

Consider taking your friend to the beach, for a walk in a forest, or on a hike. The blend of calming scenery and a bit of exercise is sure to make them feel better.

When someone is sad, they often don’t want to leave the house. Don’t push too hard, but encourage them to get outside for a short while.

Step outside

While walking with them, you can ask them how they’re doing. Nature makes an excellent backdrop for talking about emotions if they feel like opening up.

Help Them Laugh

A good laugh can be a great distraction from the source of sadness. It has been scientifically proven that when you laugh, your brain releases endorphins, the body’s natural “feel-good” chemicals, which can help you relax and feel better.

If you want to help someone who’s feeling blue, try to make them laugh by telling funny jokes or stories or even playing around with them to lighten their mood. Asking funny questions is another simple way to get someone laughing – come up with silly or outrageous questions that will catch them off guard and get them cracking up.

Playing funny games like charades can be another way to get people giggling while providing a nice distraction from their sadness.

Sharing all the silly videos you come across can give the person something new and entertaining to focus on instead of their troubles. As soon as the mood-boosting effects kick in, they’ll feel much better.

Volunteer Together

When you’re in a bad mood, it is easy to get lost in your thoughts and forget about the rest of the world.

Volunteering together is a slightly unconventional but fun way to make someone happy when they are sad. Consider volunteering at a beach clean-up or soup kitchen.

Volunteering does more than get your friend out of the house. Doing good for other people naturally improves one’s mood. It helps to remind them that they’re positively impacting the world around them. Performing acts of kindness can make them feel a lot better about their situation, whatever the case may be.

Spreading kindness by volunteering is one of those things that helps everyone involved and is an excellent way to make someone happy when they’re feeling down. Help your friend realize that they can be the reason someone smiles today.

Leave Little Notes

Leaving your sad friend little notes to find is a great option if you aren’t around much.

Woman leaving note for sad friend

Sometimes being alone when you are sad can trigger some negative thoughts. Being surprised by a supportive note can make all the difference.

When you’re at their house, hide some little notes with positive things written on them. These can be reminders that you care about them or powerful affirmations for self-love.

You can tailor these notes to your friend’s specific situation and include important things for them to hear. You can remind them that things will get better. You can also include jokes or silly drawings to make them smile.

Show Physical Affection

Physical touch is a powerful way to show someone that you care. It releases oxytocin, the hormone responsible for feeling connected and loved.

physical affection hug

Give your friend a big hug. A hug can release many positive emotions and help them feel better. It’s a simple way to remind them that they are not alone and that you support them.

A hug is also great if your friend doesn’t want to talk. It can show them that you are there for them without having to say anything at all.

Do Whatever Makes Them Happy

Perhaps the best way to make someone happy when they are sad is to do whatever makes them feel better. Ask your friend what they want to do or take the initiative to do the things you know will make them happy.

Spend time listening to your friend’s favorite song, playing video games, watching movies, or doing activities they enjoy. Doing fun activities together can be a great way to lift their mood and distract them from their sadness.

Simply spending time with your friend and being there for them can go a long way. Showing you care and are willing to be present for them during their sadness is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

Final Thoughts

Wanting to help someone sad is a beautiful thing. The most important thing you can do is to ask your sad friend, relative, or colleague what kind of help they need. Listening to how they need support is essential. They’ll appreciate all the effort you’ve put into making their tough time a little better!

No matter what you do, just be sure to make your friend feel seen and loved. That is the best way to make someone happy when they are sad.

Hopefully, this article has given you some great ideas about how to make someone happy when they are sad. It can be tough to see someone you care about going through a hard time, but with your support, they will get through it. If it helps, share our blog with your friend. It is filled with happiness tips and resources to help them find a little dose of happy during challenging times.

Thanks for being a caring friend!

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