Happy Friends Day: How to Make Your Friends Feel Special

Every July, you have the opportunity to celebrate one very happy Friends Day!

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” – Anais Nin

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. Celebrating Friends Day is about recognizing and cherishing the people who bring light and joy into our lives.

two friends standing against a wall, laughing

If you want to celebrate your friends, wishing them a happy Friends Day is a great start, but we want to help you take it to the next level and make your friends feel special.

This article discusses Friends Day, when you can celebrate it, and some ideas for celebrating it with your friends.

Let’s turn this Friends Day into one to remember!

“Happy Friends Day!”: What Is Friends Day?

Everyone knows about Valentine’s Day. It’s the ultimate celebration of romantic love. But did you know there is also Friendship Day?

Friends from all over the world celebrate it!

World Friendship Day is part of a friendship crusade that celebrates current and old friends. The idea is to promote friendship and peace around the globe. After all, friendships know no boundaries!

The United Nations declared July 30 the official International Day of Friendship. This special day has been celebrated annually since 2011.

Different countries celebrate International Friendship Day on different days and months. For example, in Mexico and Finland, friends commemorate this fun day on February 14, along with Valentine’s Day. Friendship Day is celebrated in India and the United States on the first Sunday in August.

No matter when you celebrate it, Friends Day is an occasion for people around the world to spend time with their friends and express gratitude for the joy they bring into their lives.

Great friendships are a precious gift, so make sure to shower your friends with love, kindness, and laughter this Friendship Day!

two friends standing against a railing, telling jokes and laughing

Top Ways to Make Your Friends Feel Loved This Friends Day

It’s pretty easy to cultivate relationships and make your friends feel loved. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or do something extraordinary. It really is the little things that make all the difference!

If you want your celebration to be special, be careful not to do something generic. Don’t do something just because you feel like you have to do something.

To make Friendship Day memorable, you must make it a happy day! Here are our top ways to make your friends happy this Friends Day:

Give Them a Thoughtful Gift

A thoughtful gift is an excellent way to show your friends how much you care about them.

It’s crucial to ensure the gift reflects the person you are giving it to. You want to make sure your gift feels meaningful and reflects your friendship.

If you’ve known each other for a while, you’ll know your friend’s likes and dislikes. You wouldn’t want to buy your vegan friend a leather handbag, would you?

To help you start brainstorming some ideas, check out our list of the best thinking of you gift ideas.

a beautifully wrapped present with a blue ribbon

Include a greeting card with the gift. Write a personal note in it about why you appreciate the receiver’s friendship! If you’re stuck thinking of a special message, consider writing a friendship quote or a funny story to make them laugh.

Just remember, it’s the thought that counts. It’s okay if you don’t have much money to spend – your friend will appreciate a heartfelt, personal gift more than an expensive one.

Spend Quality Time With Them

Spending time with people who make you happy is one of the most important rules for a happy life. What better day than Friendship Day to enjoy quality time with your friends?

Plan fun things to do together. Consider activities like going on a long hike, playing an entertaining game or sport, or visiting a new place. Anything that lets you enjoy each other’s company and create new, happy memories will do! You can even get a self-care gift and spend the day pampering yourselves.

three friends jumping for joy

If you and your friend live in different parts of the world, you can celebrate by planning a video call. You can do this on Skype, Zoom, or any other video call platform. You can go on a virtual walk, watch a movie together, or just catch up on life.

It’s important to check on your happy friends and make sure they’re doing okay. Use Friendship Day as an easy excuse to inquire about your friends’ well-being. Don’t pry but make sure they know you are a true friend who cares and is always there to listen to them if they ever need someone to talk to.

Help Them Out With Something

From time to time, we all need some help. And best friends help each other out!

For this Friends Day, help your cherished friend with a simple task. Being helpful is an excellent way to nurture your special bond.

Tell your pal that you want to do something for them. This service could be helping them with sorting out their taxes or going grocery shopping with them. You could also do some chores for them around the house. This is great if your friend is dealing with a lot at work or has been feeling unwell.

An act of service is a great way of showing somebody that you genuinely care about them, and your friend will definitely appreciate it!

Give Them a Big Hug

Your friend deserves a big ol’, tight hug on Friendship Day!

We focus on showing physical affection to our romantic partners but should show our friends some love too!

Sometimes only words or gifts aren’t suitable. Open those arms wide, and invite your friend in for a hug!

Hugging releases feel-good chemicals that’ll turn your friendships into long-lasting relationships. There’s something about a hug that instantly makes you feel cared for and loved.

Go on and share a hug, and be the reason someone smiles today.

two friends in a happy embrace

Write Them a Letter

Just because most people don’t write letters anymore doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it for your friends.

Put pen to paper! Explain why your friend matters to you and what they represent in your life.

You’ll get bonus points if your friend’s love language is words of affirmation. In that case, a letter is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give them.

In this letter, you can explain the things about them that you value and why you appreciate the friendship so much.

Share with them what their friendship brings to your life. You could even tell a short and sweet story about how fortunate you are to have them as a best friend.

While messaging or telling a friend these things can also be lovely, a letter is a beautiful physical reminder of your love for your friend. Your friend will always be able to look back on it and cherish the kind words.

Final Thoughts

True friendship is beautiful and can last a lifetime if you nurture it. Celebrating Friendship Day will ensure a strong friendship – your good friend will feel loved and appreciated, and you might even make some great new memories together!

two friends sitting on swings enjoying a good conversation

Beyond Friendship Day, show your friends how much you care about them all year round. Remember to reach out on their important dates and birthdays, and find time to connect regularly.

Friendship Day is a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends, so take advantage of it! You can wish them a happy day and then plan an activity together to make up for lost time.

Check out the Do Happy App to help make keeping in touch with friends easier. The app offers features like the important people organizer, relationship maintenance tasks, and reminders to help you stay connected and show your friends how much you care.

Friendships are the ultimate treasure, so cherish them and celebrate Friendship Day with the people who matter most. Happy Friends Day!

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