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23 Best Thinking Of You Gifts For 2023

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You don’t need a special occasion to give a thoughtful gift to a family member or friend. Sometimes the best reason to give your loved one a gift is simply that you’re thinking of them!


Whether you want to show your appreciation, make them smile, cheer them up, or let them know you miss them, here’s our list of the 23 best thinking of you gifts.


Best Thinking Of You Gift Ideas


1. Handwritten Letter Or Card


A handwritten, personalized message is the ultimate way to let someone know you’re thinking of them. It’s thoughtful, personal, and always unique.


People don’t write that much anymore, so a handwritten letter or note is sure to brighten anyone’s day! Consider writing them a letter of gratitude to express what they mean to you.


Stationare - Etsy
Stationare via Etsy.com

These gratitude cards by Stationare and Lori Duff Paper will make your sentiments stand out beautifully. Your recipient will feel extra special when they open the envelope and find a handwritten message inside.


2. Gift Of Experiences


An experience is a meaningful and thoughtful gift that helps the recipient explore new interests, gain fresh perspectives, or indulge in a passion. Experiences often lead to long-lasting happiness, becoming a memorable part of the recipient’s life story.


Research what experiences are available in your loved one’s area and book one you think they’ll enjoy. If possible, join in on the fun and make it a shared experience you can both reminisce about later!



We love how you can gift experiences directly from sites such as Giftory, which offers carefully curated experiences like exotic car driving, cooking classes with The Great British Baking Show stars, cruises, and escape rooms. Giftory offers a concierge booking service and guaranteed best prices, making it easy and convenient to gift an experience your loved one will never forget!


3. Personalized Keepsake


Personalized gifts are always thoughtful and make the best gifts. Whether it’s a photo mug, monogrammed tote bag, or custom jewelry (such as turning your friend’s name into a unique logo in rose gold, gold, or silver), personalized gifts show your friend that you put thought into choosing the perfect gift.


We highly recommend visiting Etsy as the place to shop with its great search engine for unique, personalized gifts.


Natashaaloha - Etsy
Natashaaloha via Etsy.com

Check out the creative designs by Natashaaloha, or let Etsy’s editors guide you with their recommendations.


4. Gift Basket


Put together a gift basket for your friend. Gift baskets are great because you can gift an assortment of items you know your friend will enjoy. This could include dried fruit, gourmet treats, wine, or everything they need to make a tasty dinner. You can also send a basket full of self-care items like lip balm, body lotion, fuzzy socks, etc. The possibilities are endless!



Need ideas of items to include? Select from a collection of “Just Because” items to create a Happy Box that your friend will love. Or, support local Washington businesses with items unique to the area, like Seattle Chocolate (our personal favorite!). 


5. Beautiful Plant Or Flower


A living gift is a great way to show someone you’re thinking of them. Air plants, succulents, flowers, and flowering plants – you can easily find something special for your loved one.

Plants brighten up a space, provide fresh air, and can even help boost someone’s mood. Your friend will appreciate the gift and be reminded of you whenever they see it.


Meet Cute by Bloomsy Box
Meet Cute by Bloomsy Box via BloomsyBox.com

Check out Bloomsy Box’s low-maintenance indoor plants that make for easy gifting – no green thumb needed!


6. Self-Care Day


self-care day


There’s no better way to let your friend know you care about them than to help them relax. Whether it’s a day at the spa, a mani/pedi, or an at-home spa day, your friend will appreciate getting to unwind and pamper themselves.


At-home luxury starts with great skincare and body care products like those from Kiehl’s, Fresh, and The Body Shop. Select one of their gift sets for an effortless combination of products your friend will enjoy, or mix and match individual items to customize your self-care gift.


7. Homemade Cookies


homemade cookies


If you’re looking for a simple and affordable gift, consider baking your friend some homemade cookies. They’re the sweet favorites of most people, and your friend will appreciate the care that went into making them. 


8. Chocolate Anything




A sweet treat like chocolate is always a great gift. Whether chocolate bars, truffles, or even a decadent chocolate cake, you can never go wrong with chocolate.


9. Gift That Keeps On Giving


If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving, consider gifting your friend a subscription to their favorite magazine, streaming service, or online store. Not only will your friend be excited to receive each issue, box, or package, but they’ll also remember your thoughtfulness all year round.


Consider giving your friend the gift of knowledge and helping them learn something new every day with a subscription to Audible. They’ll love being able to listen and learn while running errands or doing mundane tasks.


Or, put a smile on your friend’s face with fresh, seasonal blooms that brighten up their space every month with a flower subscription from Bloomsy Box.


10. Donation In Their Name


Donate to your friend’s favorite charity or an organization that supports causes close to their heart. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness in remembering what matters to them, and you’ll also support a good cause.


Here are two great organizations that we’re sure your friend would be happy to support. The World Wildlife Fund works to protect endangered species and their habitats. World Central Kitchen supports hunger relief and food security initiatives in areas struck by humanitarian, climate, and community crises.


No matter what charity or organization you choose, your friend will be touched by your thoughts and efforts to give something in their name.


11. Gift Of Memories


If your best friend has been going through a difficult time, consider getting them a gift that reminds them of the past. This could be a framed photo of you and them, a small box of old memories, or something related to their favorite hobby. They’ll be grateful to have something tangible as a lovely little reminder of the good times. 


WoodenBoxDepot - Etsy
WoodenBoxDepot via Etsy.com

If you’re looking for the perfect memory box, look no further than WoodenBoxDepot — their custom wooden boxes are perfect for storing mementos and photos of happy moments.


12. Special Mug


Consider getting a fun or quirky mug for your friend. It could become their favorite mug for drinking their morning cup of coffee or tea, and they’ll think of you every time they use it.


PrettyUglyArtworks - Etsy
PrettyUglyArtworks via Etsy.com

Start your mug search by looking at these by PrettyUglyArtworks or KarenJamesMakes. Their raving reviews say it all – your friend will love their new mug!


13. Book That You Enjoyed


If your friend is a reader, consider getting them a copy of a book you’ve recently enjoyed. This could help them discover a new author or genre, and it’s a great way to share knowledge and ideas with them that the two of you can discuss later.


With over 10 million titles at fantastic prices and free worldwide delivery, you’ll find whatever book you’re searching for at Wordery


14. Comfy Throw Blanket


A cozy throw blanket is perfect for friends who love to snuggle up at home. They’ll appreciate the softness and warmth of this gift, and they’ll associate you with the comfort it provides.


LLDgiftsByLaurenLash - Etsy
LLDgiftsByLaurenLash via Etsy.com

Check out the super soft, personalized blankets by LLDgiftsByLaurenLash. Include a message of your choice, and your friend will treasure this gift for years to come.


15. Journal To Record Their Memories


Help your friend keep track of their thoughts and memories with a beautiful journal. This gift will allow your friend to journal daily and reflect on their life journey. Include a handwritten message on the inside cover to let your friend know that you’re always there with them.


DanielsArtplanet - Etsy
DanielsArtplanet via Etsy.com

Wow your friend with a handmade vintage leather journal by DanielsArtplanet. They’ll feel like they’re writing in a special diary every time they open it.


16. Scented Candle




Scented candles, with their power of aromatherapy, make for a wonderful gift. Whether the scent is calming or invigorating, candles can provide the perfect ambiance to any room. Choose a candle with a scent that you know they’ll love, and they’ll be sure to think of you every time they light it.


Help your friend set the mood for their time at home with scents by Chesapeake Bay Candles like Joy + Laughter Cranberry Dahlia and Serenity + Calm Lavender Thyme. These candles will fill their room with relaxation and delight.


17. Quality Orthotics For Support And Comfort


As we grow older, we all start experiencing various aches and pains. Quality orthotic insoles are designed to reduce pain and provide support and comfort. Your friend will appreciate the relief insoles offer, especially if they’re on their feet all day.


Check out EASYFEET for its wide selection of orthotics. Your friend will feel more energized with each step they take and know they have you to thank. 


18. Music Playlist


music playlist


Make your loved one a playlist of happy music that reminds you of them or has a special meaning between the two of you. They’ll be reminded of the special bond you share every time they listen to it, and it’ll be like having a piece of you with them wherever they go. 


19. Inspirational Quote


Sometimes a few words of encouragement and inspiration are all someone needs. Whether it’s a framed quote or an inspirational card, a thoughtfully written quote will surely bring a smile to your friend’s face, especially when they need a pick-me-up.


BrenworksDesign - Etsy
BrenworksDesign via Etsy.com

If your friend has a favorite quote, or if there’s one you know they’ll love, consider engraving it onto a wooden plaque by BrenworksDesign. It’ll be a great addition to their home or workspace.


20. Ticket To An Event They’ve Been Dying To Attend


event ticket

Surprise your friend with tickets to an event they want to attend, from a concert or sporting event to a theater performance. They’ll be thrilled that you got them a ticket, and they’ll be able to enjoy the event and create new happy memories with you.

21. Gift Certificate To Their Favorite Store

If you need help with what to get your friend, consider a gift certificate to their favorite store. It’s a great way to surprise them with the opportunity to purchase whatever they want at a place they love.

22. Gift For Their Loved One

gift for loved one

Why not show your love for your friend’s loved ones as well? Whether it’s a gift for their partner, child, or pet, your friend will be touched that you thought to include their family members in the gift-giving. It’s a great way to show them just how much you care.

23. Something That Makes Them Laugh Out Loud

We all need a good laugh now and then, so give your loved one something funny and unexpected. From quirky socks to gag gifts, something silly and lighthearted can be the perfect way to immediately brighten their day.

Great White Shark Socks by SockySockShop - Etsy
Great White Shark Socks by SockySockShop via Etsy.com

Your friend might hesitate to buy themselves a funny product like happy socks by SockySockShop, but they won’t be able to resist wearing and enjoying them when they’re a gift from you. Pick a pattern you know they’ll love and feel great knowing you made them laugh out loud! 

Closing Thoughts

Cultivating strong relationships is one of the keys to happiness in life, and giving thoughtful gifts is one of the best ways to show your loved ones how much you care.

thinking of you gift

A thinking of you gift is wonderful. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small gesture or something more elaborate – it’s truly the thought that counts. Your loved ones will be pleasantly surprised by the gift and reminded of your kindness and thoughtfulness whenever they think about it.

So, consider one of these thoughtful gift ideas the next time you’re looking for a special way to keep in touch with someone or show them how much you care. You’ll be sure to make their day!

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