Rules for a Happy Life

Rules for a Happy Life (How to Foster Happiness)

If you’re looking for rules for a happy life, we’ve got you covered!

We all want to lead happy lives. This is a universal yearning, and everyone can achieve it. Sometimes it’s a little easier when you have some guidelines to follow.

To get you started on your path to a happier life, we’ve set out some basic rules for a happy life. They will teach you how to foster happiness, no matter what your present situation is. Read on!

Rules for a Happy Life

Do What You Love

The first rule for leading a happier life is to do more of what you love. This sounds simple, but it isn’t always as easy as it sounds. You might be pretending to be happy in your job or relationship. It’s time to get honest with yourself!

As human beings, we all make excuses for not following our passions in life, don’t we?

We think we don’t have the time, money or energy to do something that we truly love. The truth is, none of this is actually true. If you really want something, you will find a way to make it happen.

Remember when you were a child and you could just be yourself, no matter what? It’s time to get back to that.

Do you love cooking, writing or painting? Maybe you want to learn a new language or skill. The important thing is to take action, however small, and do something that brings you joy.

If you’re not sure, ask your inner child what it wants to do. You’ll be surprised at the thoughtful answers you get. There is something out there that you have a deep desire to pursue – figure out what it is and then make it happen!

Do Less of What You Don’t Love

This is sometimes easier said than done. If your current job is not fulfilling, or your hobbies no longer bring you joy, they can impede your quest for happiness.

You are the only person who can decide what is right or wrong for you. Stop comparing your lifestyle to others’ and start living in a way that makes sense for you. Love yourself enough to discard what is holding you back.

It may be time for a career change or a switch to a different department. A new and engaging hobby may be the solution.

Do less of what you don’t love, and you’ll free up more time to do things you enjoy. When you pursue your own happiness, life begins to look much brighter.

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

One of the golden rules for living a happier life is to practice gratitude. There are so many things to be grateful for, but sometimes you need to do a little personal soul searching to discover that truth.

Are you in good health? That’s something to be grateful for. Are you in a loving relationship? That is also something to be grateful for.

If all you can think of to be thankful for is the fact that you are alive, then thank whichever higher power you believe in!

Let Thankfulness Become a Habit

Appreciate the positive things in your life, and you will start noticing more and more things to be grateful for. Make a habit of saying thank you.

Too often we take things for granted. Learn to say thank you to people, even when they are just doing their job by serving you.

Write little thank you notes to loved ones. Start a gratitude journal. Make use of an app designed for happiness, such as the Do Happy App. Never let a day go by without thanking someone, for something.

It is not about who you thank, or even how you thank them. It’s about being thankful, every day. Consider taking part in a happy Thankful Thursday this week!

Don’t Live for Others, but Help Others

You need to understand the difference between living for others and helping others to live better lives.

An example of the latter is doing volunteer work for a charitable organization. A surefire way to introduce happiness into your life is to spread kindness to those in need.

Feel free to donate your time, skills, or financial resources to the betterment of others’ lives. But always do so for the right reasons.

It’s not about the gift, it’s about the giving, and how that makes you feel. Do you feel joy, knowing that you have helped people live better lives?

If so, you are on the right track to fostering greater happiness in your life.

Hang out With Happy People

One of the most basic rules for happiness is to surround yourself with positive people and their happy emotions. Happiness is infectious! But take note, so is negative energy.

Take care not to surround yourself with negative people. Hang out with happy people instead, and their positivity will rub off on you.

This applies to work, as well as your personal life. True happiness is at your fingertips – but you might need to reassess some relationships.

Look out for people who lift you up, not bring you down. These are the kind of people that will make you happy – and stay happy!

Be Kind to Yourself

Being kind to yourself means making time for yourself to take care of your mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Self-care is essential to achieving happiness. Pamper yourself with massages, unwind with a good book, or take a yoga class. Do something special just for you – even if it’s just a bubble bath and some quiet time.

Make sure you are eating healthy, balanced meals. Spend time outdoors and explore nature. Spend quality time with your nearest and dearest. Whatever it is that puts a smile on your face – do it!

Being kind to yourself also means limiting negative self-talk. Learn to accept yourself and your imperfections, and take time to appreciate the good things about you.

Make a conscious effort to stop worrying about things that are out of your control. Do not be too hard on yourself for mistakes and mishaps – learn from them, but don’t get caught up in them.

When you are kind to yourself, you will find more inner peace – and happiness.

Savor the Journey, Not the Destination

Our last rule for a happy life is perhaps the most important of all.

When you focus on future success or material possessions to bring you joy, you are making yourself wait. Live in the moment, appreciate where you are right now, and be at peace.

Perhaps you are focused on the ‘future happiness’ of a job promotion, more money, or buying your own home.

Remember to be thankful for the job you now have, that pays your bills. Be thankful for the opportunity to learn a new skill that will help you achieve your future goals.

Live In the Present

When you live in the present moment, you allow yourself to be happy right now, not just in the future.

You learn to appreciate the power of small wins – you celebrate even the tiniest of successes knowing that you’re a step closer to your bigger goals.

You stop worrying about the future or ruminating on events of the past and instead appreciate where you are right now.

You find joy and satisfaction in your personal growth and the journey of life.

Final Thoughts

By following these rules for a happy life, you will be able to foster greater happiness in your life.

This list of rules is by no means exhaustive. It simply contains the fundamental principles that will help you live a happier, more fulfilling life. As you incorporate them into your daily life, new possibilities of happiness will present themselves to you!

There is only one person in charge of your happiness – you! External factors do impact your happiness, but at the end of the day, it is up to you to choose how you react to these factors. Being happy is a choice – choose to be happy!

Your happiness matters! For more articles to help you cultivate it, visit the a little dose of happy blog.