100 reasons to be happy

100 Reasons to Be Happy in Your Life

Looking for some reasons to be happy in your life? We have 100 reasons to be happy right here!

Our reasons to be happy may not apply to everyone, but they give you an idea of what you have that you may be taking for granted.

If you feel you have no reasons to be happy, check out our list below. It features 100 reasons to be happy and will inspire you to appreciate all the good people and good things in your life.

100 Reasons to Be Happy

There are so many things to be grateful for. When you practice gratitude for all the good things life offers, you develop a more positive attitude toward life. A happy person is content with what they have and appreciates even the small things.

100 reason to be happy

There are many more than 100 reasons to be happy. But these examples will help you look at the world with new eyes and find reasons to be happy every day.

Only you know what makes you happy. If you’re unsure, read up on how to find what makes you happy.

Apart from personal reasons for your own happiness, there are some universal reasons to be happy. Be happy about the little things that make life special.

Let’s cover some reasons to smile today! Watch the video or keep a look out for the bold text below. 😊

You Are Alive.

You are alive! You woke up this morning to another day full of possibilities. You get to spend another day in the company of your loved ones. You can learn something new! Be grateful for each new day, and make today great!

You Are Healthy and Fit.

You are healthy and fit. Your good health and fitness afford you opportunities for leisure, travel, and the pursuit of your hobbies.

People in nature

You Have a Home.

Do you have a home to live in? Your home offers so many reasons to be happy: shelter from the elements, safety from outdoor dangers, warmth, shade, and comfort.

You Are Loved.

Be happy that you are loved. It doesn’t matter if it’s romantic love or the love of family and friends. Someone loves you! Knowing that makes every day happier.

You Make Others Happy.

Your presence brings joy to many, be it your partnerchildren, or treasured friends. The bonds you forge with those dear to you spread happiness into their lives simply because you’re part of it.

People with arms around each other

You Are Safe and Secure.

Be thankful for peace, safety, and security. Be grateful if you have good leadership in your country, business, or life.

Do you have a job? Your job provides you with financial security to take care of your family! Your colleagues are a source of friendship and laughter, contributing to your happiness.

Celebrate having sufficient means, whether in abundance or just enough to get by. Joy flourishes when you’re happy with what you have, a lesson sometimes best exemplified by the resilient spirits found in every corner of the globe, from the busiest cities to the quietest third-world country villages.

You Can Read.

You can read! Some people are not fully literate. Be thankful that you can read this article. You can curl up on the sofa with your favorite book and escape the stress of the day.

You Are Surrounded by Nature.

Be thankful for the happiness that nature brings! The world has such beauty to offer. Trees, meadows, plants, flowers, lakes, rivers, and streams are all sources of natural beauty.

Mountains that tower majestically into the clouds offer shade and shelter. Oceans are a calming sight to behold and contain a wealth of sea life that can be source of food.


What about the birds, butterflies, and all the amazing land animals that make life interesting and enjoyable? Then there are dolphins, fish, and other sea life.

Be happy about the seasons: summer, fall, winter, and spring. They bring the right conditions for the sowing, growing, and harvesting of crops. When there’s snow, you can make a snowman!


You Live in This Universe.

Remember that spending time under the twinkling stars fascinated you as a child. Remember the shooting star that you made a wish on so many times. Be happy that you can pass this joy on to your children.

Bask in the sun’s warm rays and be happy that it brings warmth, light, and life to every living thing on the planet. And at night, the moon’s light gives security during the darkness.

You Can Enjoy Life in Many Ways.

The wonder of music in all its forms is another source of happiness you can be grateful for. You can hear happy music and your favorite song. Perhaps you make music yourself, and that makes you feel happy!

Watching a favorite movie, seeing plays, enjoying your favorite show on TV, and attending live concerts are reasons to be happy. These forms of entertainment offer a brief respite from the pressures of daily life.


You have skills or talents that you can use in your job or your hobbies. These positive things matter and allow you to pursue meaningful activities that enrich your life and make new friends in the process.

Be happy that there are tides that create the waves you love to surf. Also, think about the gorgeous beaches, soft sands, and breathtaking views.


Spending a few hours with your best friend or best friends brings you more happiness. Be happy for all the opportunities you’ve had to find love and make new friends.

Be happy that each year has 12 months: anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations are continuously there to enjoy! The thinking of you gifts, cards, parties, and well wishes that accompany these are all reasons to be happy in your life.

Happy family dinner

You Can Take Comfort in a Higher Power.

Your spiritual life and faith are a constant source of strength and happiness. The love and support of fellow believers and your spiritual leaders’ guidance bring comfort.

You Are You.

Enough said!

It’s All About the Little Things

No matter who you are, what you do, where you live, etc., there are more than 100 reasons to be happy in your life!

Break each day down into all the positive things that happened! Your favorite movie, favorite song, best friend, and beautiful scenery are all things to be grateful for. Cultivating gratitude will change how you view the world around you and make you a happier person!

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